Discover the Samaná peninsula

If you are thinking of a paradise tropical of enormous proportions, this beautiful peninsula of immense coconut palms that extends into the sea like an island and is called Samana it becomes your ideal destination. It is a kind of microcosm in the Dominican Republic: Here you will see the greatest poverty next to the luxury resorts, good and very bad roads, green mountains, tropical forests, tiny villages with fruit vendors, beaches, and the radiant warmth of the Dominican people.

Coconut palm trees and spectacular sea views abound in the green mountain areas. Most of the Beaches They are accessible only on foot or by sea, the coves are very protected and there are no bays. Samaná is the name of both the peninsula and the city. You can not miss an excursion to observe the whales in their natural environment. The top Months for these sightings run from January to the end of March. If you go during those months do not miss it.

A visit to Samaná should focus on two things: the exploration of its wonders perfectly preserved natural and lie and relax on a small beach to forget about everything earthly. If you want a little more movement you can easily do it in Las Terrenas, the only and true tourist center, where you can find picturesque restaurants, accommodation of all kinds, and of course, huge beaches.

To get there you will have to do it through a winding road that runs through the mountains of the city of Sanchez. In Las Terrenas you can enjoy up to a casino. Try to hire in the area the excursions and sports that you want to practice the following days.

Discovering Samana's wild side (September 2023)

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