Travel to Nepal

Is little Republic will allow you to discover a fascinating culture made up of impressive monuments and buildings. Nepal It is the perfect place to make great routes through the mountains and meet very friendly people on your visits who will welcome you to their home as one of the family. But like every great trip it has a series of disadvantages that you should keep in mind before going there:

- The city can be a little filthy just like food.
- Currently there are political movements that affect the security in the country, so traveling there can be quite dangerous. The only advantage of these revolts is that tourism has decreased and if you decide to go you will not find cities full of tourists.

The top Months to travel to Nepal are: October, November, February and March. During the months of December to January it is a little cold, but it is still not too unpleasant. The worst Months range from mid-June to mid-September, as these are the months with the highest rainfall. We recommend that your stay be at least two weeks. Just to know the Kathmandu valley you will need 4 days. You must not stop to visit:

- The valley of Kathmandu; It is made up of three incredible medieval cities and full of monuments.
Pokhara; It is a relaxing mountain ideal for very relaxing visits. It is four hours from Kathmandu.

Others Places not to be missed are: Gorkha, Manakamana, Tansen, Bardia National Park, Lumbini (Buddha's birthplace) and Janakpur.

Exploring Crazy, Beautiful Kathmandu & Nepal Travel Tips (May 2020)

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