Luxury hotels and their rude guests

The day before the European premiere of the hit Batman The Dark Knight, actor Christian Bale was detained at the Dorcheste Hotelr from London and charged with battery. Bale, it seemed, had gone into a rage with his mother and sister in the hotel room. Not all hotels host love stories between Hollywood actors or major contract signatures. Some hotels have been the direct protagonists of bad behavior on the part of many Famous.

If you decide to go holidays remember one of these hotels the curious stories that have happened there. The combination of wealth, fame and anonymity that a luxurious hotel gives its guests can lead them to behave incorrectly. A good hotel will always keep the older ones secrets within its facilities.

Gladiator Russell Crowe was arrested in New York at the Mercer Hotel in 2005. The actor was in NY to shoot the movie Cinderella Man. For a few hours he had been unable to call his wife due to problems with the line. Low, he complained at reception and then in an attack of Iran he threw his phone at the receptionist.

In 2005 an unstable supermodel Naomi Campbell hit Italian actress Yvonne Scio in the beautiful Eden Hotel in Rome. The cause of Campbell's rage? Simple, he had come to the hotel to pick up the actress to go to a party together, but what was his surprise when he is under the elevator in his same dress. Presidential candidate John Edwards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel He was surprised by the pink press with a blonde who was not his wife but with whom he already had a son.

Dealing with Difficult Guests in a Hotel (May 2023)

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