Helsinki Hotel Room

The Helsinki Hotel Room makes guests feel in a special way. This is not because it is one of the most luxurious in the world, it is because he only has one room. It has just been opened in the Finnish capital and is currently very successful. Located in the bohemian neighborhood of Kallio, has a surface of 30 square meters and it has been conditioned in a building that was built in 1920.

The suite room The hotel has a vintage decoration that makes it more welcoming. Its main feature is the wall paper created by the graphic designer Janne Hänninen. He has baptized it with the name of Toilé de Kallio and it is for sale for all those clients who fall in love with it.

The people in charge of assisting you at the reception are the hotel owners. Logically, since they do not have much hustle and bustle of rooms, they show you your suite in all detail and are for you for everything you need. This is equipped with a kitchen that is useful for one or two people, a sofa with capacity for three people, WiFi, television and breakfast included.

The hotel is located just 15 minutes from the center of the Finnish capital. One night costs 120 euros but if you prefer to spend a minimum of 6 nights it will only cost you 65 euros each of them. If you decide to spend a night at the Hotel Room in Helsinki, you will surely not be in trouble looking for the room.

Hotel Room at the Hostel Domus Academica in Helsinki, Finland (November 2023)

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