Travel to Guatemala

Guatemala It is one of the most colorful countries in Latin America. It offers excellent tours: its jungles with its incredible pyramids and buildings Maya, magnificent volcanic landscapes, tropical landscapes full of wildlife, magnificent colonial cities and the impressive colors of each of its corners.

The best months To visit the country they are from November to May and the worst are from June to October, since the rains will spoil most of your evenings. The climate depends a lot on the altitude of the area you decide to visit. In the most high there is an "eternal spring": the days are warmer and the nights become quite cool. Meanwhile, the so-called lands low (the jungle and the Caribbean area in general) are characterized by being too hot and sticky.

The minimum duration of your stay can be one week. During those 7 days will give you time to visit places like Panajachel and Chichicastenango. If you want to stay longer and visit the main cities, your stay can be extended up to 2 weeks. But be careful, since Guatemala is not a very safe country. There is enough delinquency by the zone and the crimes in many occasions are usually quite violent. One of the most dangerous areas is the central one. Try not to spend too much time in the center and not to be night.

Communications are not very good. The roads that unite town after town is pretty bad. The buses that make the tours are usually quite uncomfortable and unsafe. The best are the «Pullman»That operate on the main routes and cost a little more money.

Everything You NEED To Know About Guatemala | Travel Central America on $1000 (May 2021)

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