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Have you thought about resting this summer in Capri? Think of its idyllic cafes, its luxurious and exclusive shops, its white Arab-style houses on impressive cliffs and its blue Beaches. Although Capri is a very bustling city, especially in times of holidays, surely by searching you find an area where you can forget about earthly problems.

The island It is a hiker's paradise, with a multitude of areas where you can find impressive views. One of the simplest routes of all excursion A novice you can do is the one that starts from Via Caposcuro Anacapri and Via Migliera (south) to Migliera di Belvedere, a viewpoint that is above a Cliff. Another pretty route It is the one that is made from the city following Via Camerelle Tragara and passing through The Ritzy until you find the path that leads to the beach. Faraglioni.

For the area around the city you must visit the famous Arco Naturale. Come to the Gruta di Matermania where you will find a path on the southern slope of Via Pizzo Lungo that will take you through several famous villas. At Arco Naturale, you can go up the hill to see the famous natural stone bridge that overlooks the sea. To return to the city, leave Via Pizzo Lungo for the charming Via Tragara and you will see how you get to the city soon.

A brief but dizzying feat is to descend the cliff of the Giardini di Augusto. It is located just below the gardens of the famous Via krupp. It was closed for many years, due to the risk of falling over the rocks, and was restored in 2006.

CAPRI, ITALY BOAT TOUR-Featuring The Blue Grotto! (December 2021)

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