Where to go on vacation?

If you are looking for fun and excitement and do not know where you would like to travel, here are the most important tourist destinations in the world according to the World Tourism Organization: France, Spain, United States, Italy, China, United Kingdom, Austria, Mexico, Germany and Canada.

The most popular continent is Europe. It is the most sought after destination by all travelers who want to delight in the architecture, history and culture of different countries. The most visited country is Italy, closely followed by France and the United Kingdom. These 3 receive 18% of the annual visits to Europe. They are closely followed by Spain and Germany.

Africa It is known for its blends: poverty, pure nature and strong cultures. The most popular destination is Egypt. It provides Africa with the majority of its annual visits followed by South Africa, Rwanda, Morocco and Tunisia. The eastern end we have the countries asians with which visitors decide to lose themselves in ancient cultures still deeply rooted in today's society. China, Thailand and Japan are the top destinations of choice, followed by Malaysia and Singapore.

The Caribbean, with its rich combination of sun, sand and surf, is next on the list of most popular destinations. The Bahamas receives 10% of the visitors. Next we find Aruba and the Dominican Republic, with Cuba, and finally we find beautiful Jamaica. Oceania, is home to some of the pirate stories that are still being told to young children today. Australia is the most visited followed by the popular New Zealand.

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