Exotic holidays: bites and diseases

Exotic vacation? Well be careful because many unpleasant bugs flying can ruin your trip and even you Health. Today we are going to talk about the different diseases that some can transmit to you mosquitoes.

The malaria It occurs in over 100 countries around the world, and one in two million people die of malaria each year. The best way to avoid malaria and other diseases such as West Nile virus or yellow fever is trying to keep mosquitoes as far away from you as you can. When you arrive at the accommodation you have reserved to spend your holidays, explore the room; It is best to undo the bed, shake the curtains and check the dark places.

If you carry any spray Special spray it around the room and through the air conditioning. When you leave the room and you are going to take a walk, it is best to use colors clear, long pants and if possible long sleeves. You should be especially careful with your ankles when you sit, for example, in a restaurant. Many experienced travelers only use products chemical in high risk areas, but the choice is yours.

Areas with not too much risk are Egypt (except the Faiyum Oasis area) and Bali. High risk, for example, is in some parts of Asia Y Oceania and very high risk, for example, in the Sub-saharan africa, some parts of the Caribbean, the northern half of Latin America, and in the East areas like Thailand Y Cambodia. After finishing your trip, be careful if you notice any symptoms of illness such as fever or flu. Some diseases take time to develop.

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