The great Uluru

Uluru is the second largest monolith of the world. The largest is Mount Augustus in Western Australia, twice as big, but half as magical. In the center of Australia is this solitary red colossus 3 km long, 350 meters high and with another 3 km below the surface. Uluru and the lands in the area are owned by the aborigines Anangu and they manage everything in conjunction with the Australian National Park Service.

Watch out for the heat

If you decide rise This colossus of nature is quite prepared as there have been several deaths related to heart attacks for reasons of effort. Before you go, get in good shape so you don't have any scares. Over a mile you will have the ascent which will take about an hour. He's wearing good sneakers and lots of Water. Climbing is prohibited in the hottest hours.

An excellent alternative to climbing is walk. You can take a tour of 10 km around it. This path is flat and has a very well defined route. Depending on your physical shape and your speed, you can do the tour in some 3-4 hours approximately.


If you want to continue enjoying the area, it is best to stay there. Yulara (Ayers Rock Resort) is 20 kilometers from Uluru and offers a comfortable (although not cheap) hotel and a camping. To camp not allowed in the Uluru area. People usually stay in the fixed camps, where the facilities are a bit basic, but they are the best option to sleep under an impressive blanket of stars.

Important information: Starting in October 2019, you will not be able to climb the Uluru

The Mala Walk, Uluru (October 2022)

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