Visit Saba's paradise

Once there was a man and a woman who lived in a yard dreamlike. They could live as they wanted in their paradise as long as they didn't skip the main rule: don't eat the fruit of a particular tree. Surely the story sounds familiar to you and you already know the end. Well, Adam and Eve could find their Eden in Saba.

Saba is a paradise that takes its name from the tall volcano that forms the center of the island. The impressive volcano breaks through the clouds to reach the top of an entire dream area. It is hard to believe that this small paradise is just 15 minutes flight from the closest casinos that are in some places around.

The island is not only beautiful inside, a journey through below of the ocean surface reveals a kingdom of coral-colored neons where kings become great sharksVery colorful and very slippery, sea turtles and fish. The area is considered one of the best in the world to practice divingFurthermore, it is protected and has been named one of the best marine national parks.

The temperature during the month of July it's about 27 degrees but in winter the temperature drops to 17 at night. The island is one of the rainiest and cloudiest areas in the entire Caribbean. The winds Trade winds keep the island cool, especially at night. The best months to visit the island are from July to September, if there are no hurricane.

Visiting Saba - Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean (January 2021)

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