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The province of Tirol is so different from the rest of Austria that when you get there you may think you have crossed the border and are in a completely different place. The border between Salzburg and Tirol is completely defined by the mountains. These have a series of routes that allow enough traffic to be rolled through them.

In winter, you will find immense masses of snow. The sledding and ski facilities are unrivaled. But if you go on summer you will be able to enjoy the impressive images that you have always seen on postcards with these impressive alpine landscapes. Do not miss its mountain lakes and its green and immense forests.

Like most people in other mountain villages, the people of Tyrol are proud of where they live. The mixture it's perfect: you can listen to the cowbells in the fields and at the same time visit one of the most cosmopolitan cities, Innsbruck. The city is the great treasure of the area.

Do not you must miss:

Ötz Valley. This area is ideal for all those enthusiasts of the trekking.
Spas. You should not leave the area without going to a spa. This will not be very difficult for you since almost all Hotels in Tirol they have a spa on their premises.
Tyrolean Stuben. These warm and welcoming salons made of wood, often found in hotels and restaurants. These were part of the traditional Tyrol farmhouses and are still maintained due to the tranquility they provide to visitors.

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