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Years after Latvia declared its independence from the Soviet Union, Riga It has become a very modern city, especially after joining NATO and the European Union in 2004. The city is 800 years old and has been known for some time as the «Paris of the North«.

The city has quickly established itself as a place tourist mainly thanks to the expansion by airlines of their connections with the city. Riga is the only capital of the Baltic in having a real bustle in its streets. Unfortunately, as in any known and growing city, problems with delinquency.

You will love its bright buildings reformed, the young people who walk its streets and the countless bars and cafes where you can have a drink. Things have not always been so good in the Latvian capital. Throughout your hectic history it has been systematically looted and occupied over and over again.

Its history is reflected in its labyrinthine old town that is located on the river bank Daugava. It is ironic that the city that was once besieged and occupied by Germany Now have the most impressive German architectural complex in all of Europe. Much of art nouveau is found in the park Bastekalns in the New City, which is the commercial and business heart of the city. The winter It can be long, dark, and bitter, but spring and summer are often a blessing with warm temperatures and long hours of natural light.

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