Save money on your vacation

When you decide to make Bookings by Internet you must, in addition to doing careful research to find the best prices, read Everything carefully and be aware of the options that you accept or that are already accepted by default and you have to change because you do not want to accept that option.

-Try to keep the billing baggage to a minimum. This will allow you to save money. Sometimes we take on unnecessary things that, later, make us have to pay more money for having to carry one more suitcase.

Removes those options they give you for contributions against the fight against carbon and pollution. Where does that money go? It is possible that part, remains directly in the income of the company.

-If you already have a insurance travel, make sure that your online reservation is not including other insurance. Sometimes we do not pay attention to those little tabs on the reservation pages and they are including an optional insurance that without any problem we can to refuse.

-Make reservations with enough advance to get the cheapest rates.

-Never change money in the airport departure, unless you need some cash for when you reach your destination. It is usually more high the value of money in the destination city than at the departure airport.

-If you need rent car spends a lot of time searching for the best deal. You can find the same cheaper car by exhaustively comparing. It will be worth investing more weather in this process.

How to save THOUSANDS for your VACATIONS! | How to save money for travel (October 2022)

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