Cheap holidays

For the next holidays We do not have a big budget, the crisis continues to affect the economy and the pockets of citizens. Although almost everyone already knows the destination, the laggards look for last minute offers on the Internet. The truth is that you can really find very good deals to travel at low cost.

Sometimes it is difficult to get economic rates the days before the scheduled date, but it is recommended to spend a good time comparing the promotions from different companies and websites such as destinia, kelkoo, edreams, govolo, comoviajar, kayak, lastminute, course, muchoviaje, pepetravel, expedia, travel, atrapalo, viajesbajo100, travelzoo ...

Usually the closest destination is the cheapest, but it is not always like this, Europe It is a traditionally cheap destination, although due to influenza A you can travel to Mexico practically free. In this sense, we must take into account the exchange rate, the strength of the euro is an advantage for European tourism.

If you choose to stay on Spain, you can travel by bus or train instead of the plane, unless you find a great offer. Remember to inform yourself well of all the conditions and do not leave any detail loose that could make your vacation bitter.

In summer the tourism It is usually more expensive, but the first half of June or the second half of September are the cheapest. Usually cheaper book the flight and the hotel separatelyAlthough the vacation packs are usually more comfortable since they include almost everything and you don't have to worry about a thing.

Regarding the accommodation, there are many ways to sleep for little money: hostels, hostels, hotel checkbooks, home exchange, camping, etc. In any case, the important thing is to enjoy, rest and have fun. Happy Holidays!

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