Following the Beatles around the world

What became of the Beatles? Peace, love ... so it begins Richard Porter, when he begins his London tour following in the footsteps of the Beatles. Porter has spent the last 21 years touring with the fans of the band all those emblematic places that have been engraved in the memory of all Abbey Road, Savile Row, the train station of Marylebone, etc. Richard comments that the interest in the Beatles has kept that tour alive year after year and that many of the people who visit were not even born when they killed Lenon.

The crossing of Abbey Road It has become a tourist attraction. It is a normal street that, however, is estimated to receive some 125.000 visitors per year. But if you finally decide to visit not only London and discover those parts of the world where they were, the truth is that you have a long way to go. For example, you will have to travel to Rishikesh, India. There they decided to leave to study transcendental meditation.

Another must see is Montreal. John and Yoko they went to Canada, where they stayed in suite 1742. There they continued their second week for peace in bed. There, on June 1, 1969, they recorded «Give Peace a Chance«. Forty years later, the hotel still celebrates this anniversary as a major annual event. The suite has been renovated several times.

In Liverpool Beatles Day and International Beatle Week are celebrated. Celebrations include parades, souvenir auctions, walking tours, and concerts at the Cavern Club. This original from the club (where the band played more than 300 times), was demolished in early 1970 and the building we see today is a replica, built using the original bricks.

You should also not miss sites like:

Royal albert hall, London
Reeperbahn in Hamburg, Germany
Hilton Amsterdam hotel, Netherlands
Candlestick Park, San Francisco

Beatles around the world (August 2020)

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