Lost islands in the United States

Isolated, exotic… did you know that in USES can you find lost and remote islands? Yes, America is full of magnificent islands. Some of them are only accessible by plane or by boat, although there are others that are surprisingly closer. In all of them you can rest during a good weekend or who knows if for the rest of your life.

The ancient boreal forests found in Royale island they shelter moose, beavers, lynxes and wolves. Here you can enjoy impressive hiking trails. Alaska Kodiak It may be the second largest island in the US (after the big island of Hawaii), but it is practically uninhabited. More than half of the island is made up of the giant Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, the home of the great brown bears.

At the opposite extreme we find the elegant private island of Florida’s Little Palm Island. Here, in addition to enjoying its beautiful landscapes, you can taste copious foods. On the menu you can find Kobe meat. Daufuskie, near South Carolina, wants to be turned into a private island by some, but the resident community there does not want that to happen.

Sapelo, off the Georgia coast, stands the test of time. After the Civil War, the mix of residents of Africa and of America it was united, giving rise to the birth of culture «Geechee»That still exists today. Do not hesitate to pay a visit to this beautiful island.

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