Bamboo hotels

Nowadays the sustainability Environmental is booming. That is why large entrepreneurs, such as hoteliers, try to “give a helping hand”To the ground using greener and less aggressive products. This is the case of the new hotels that you will find in some parts of the world built in bamboo. One of them, for example, is the impressive Bamboo hotel located to the west of Guatemala.

The bungalows that make up these hotels and resorts are characterized by being made entirely of bamboo. The resistance from bamboo to all kinds of climates makes these house-hotels can be manufactured anywhere in the world. These bamboo houses are works of art and they present an impressive artisan quality.

Bamboo is very strong and resistant. It has twice the compression force of concrete and approximately the same force-weight of the steel in tension. That is why this material is becoming essential in areas with hurricanes and earthquakes. In 2005, after a hurricane passed through the Cook IslandsThe only buildings that resisted were the houses of a hotel that was in the area. The damage was minimal, while the wooden houses were destroyed.

The bungalows are built very quickly. Not too many weeks ago, a two-story construction, which will serve as a hotel, was completed over an eight-day period on the island of Hawaii. Also, did you know that bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet?

Bamboo Se Banaya Hua Hotel | Hotel Constructed with Bamboo | Monday Materials Teaser (July 2020)

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