Boeing Luxury falls in sales

The plane Boeing executive has fallen dramatically in sales due to the slow movement of the world economy, as reported by the company at the fair that is being held these days in Geneva. Boeing sold eight new aircraft, all of them luxury, in the past year. But of those eight planes, sales of 4 planes, so the end result has been only 4 aircraft sold.

It is a fall of the 87 percent, since in previous years Boeing has been able to sell a total of 33 aircraft per year. The planes are called BBJ S, and the model is based on the Boeing 737. With the idea of ​​attracting new buyers and thus recovering economically, Boeing has presented 1 new model: Boeing Business Jet.

This new model features a double functionality: in addition to being a luxury in a few hours it can be converted into a cargo plane. The new BBJ C is so spacious that to carry out the transportation It can include up to 8 bunk beds. These bunk beds are located in the area that can later be converted into a luxurious living room, if what you have to do is a luxury trip.

The BBJ C is based on a 737. To make the change from cargo to luxury, only a few 8 hours approximately. You can make trips with 50 passengers and their respective luggage of up to 10,770 km without refueling. If he travel It is of load will be able to carry out displacements of up to 9,170 km loading weight of up to 9,000 kg.

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