Tips for camping

Follow these tips from security to camp and surely your days of camping you will have a much better time:

- Set up camp before to become night. Attempting to ride a whole field at night can lead to many accidents such as falls or cuts. During the day everything will be much easier.

- Check the possible dangers. Be sure to check thoroughly how the area is; if there are crystals, large branches, too many ants, some poisonous plant, bees, etc.

-Avoid zones with natural hazards. Check the surroundings for ravines, possible river overflows, etc.

Inspect the place. You can look for a place with enough space to expand without disturbing.

-Build a firewall and an area where you can make your bonfire. Your fire should be far enough from the store to prevent sparks from causing misfortune.

-Be careful with life wild. Use a flashlight at night. To avoid unexpected visits such as a bear, keep the camping as clean as possible. Do not leave food open, do not litter and clean kitchen utensils well.

-Aware of very basic mistakes that are almost always made. You will avoid attracting insects wearing light colored clothing and try not to use colognes or perfumes with very strong odors.

-Remember to look in advance at the plants that you will find in the area to know which ones can be poisonous And if you want to try any one you can eat.

-Think before to drink. We are not just talking about alcohol. If you have a river nearby, no matter how clean it seems, it is possible that the water may contain parasites and microorganisms that can cause you some discomfort or some type of serious illness.

Camping 101 for Beginners | Useful Knowledge (August 2020)

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