The strangest cities in the world

Not everyone is lucky to live where they would like. Some people are born in a place and due to the lack of opportunities they can never leave there. And we are sure that some of those who reside in some of the cities that we are going to show you below would rather be somewhere else. Instead, others purposely move. And today we are going to talk to you about some of the strangest cities in the world.

Although each city is a world (all have their peculiarities that differentiate them from the rest), some have such a quantity of rarities that it is difficult to believe that they exist. Would you like to join us? We assure you that you will not regret it!

Manshiyat Naser, Egypt

First of all, we want to talk about Manshiyat Naser, a place known as "Garbage City". In reality, it is not a city, but a neighborhood in Cairo where garbage plays a main role, since its residents live from the processing from the waste of the 10 million inhabitants of the capital of Egypt. In addition to living surrounded by garbage, its residents do not have running water, sewage, or electricity.

Najaf, Iraq

From Egypt we move to Iraq to discover Najaf, one of the Shiites' sacred cities and a pilgrimage center for the entire Islamic world. Here is Wadi Al-Salam, considered by many to be the largest cemetery of the world (practically doubles the size of Central Park in New York).

Auroville, India

We also want to talk about Auroville, a town located in the state of Tamil Nadu, India, which was founded in 1968 according to the visions of Mirra Alfassa, known as Mother. It is an international settlement dedicated to harmonious and sustainable life. In fact, money is not used here, there are no leaders or authorities, and there is no private property.

Longyearbyen, Norway

In Europe we can also find strange cities. One of them is Longyearbyen, the capital of the Svalbard archipelago. In this place the temperatures can exceed 50 degrees below zero, but it lacks nothing: pubs, discos, churches, schools, hotels ... Of course, here it is prohibited die, since the climate prevents the carcasses from decomposing, making them an attraction for wild animals.

Slab City, United States

From Norway we moved to the United States to visit Slab City, which is located in the desert of Sonora, California. Also known as The Slabs, this community located in ancient quarters of the Marine Corps, is inhabited by the so-called slabers: campers, war veterans, retirees, homeless people, drug addicts ... There is no running water, electricity or public services here, although neither taxes nor rents are paid. For this reason, it is known as "the last free city in the United States."

Coober Pedy, Australia

One of the rarest cities in Australia is Coober Pedy. Here, most residents live underground, in the old mines rehabilitated to protect themselves from the heat. Find out more about this place in our article “Coober Pedy, an underground city in Australia”.

Neft Dashlari, Azerbaijan

Neft Dashlari, an industrial city located on the Caspian Sea, off the coast of Azerbaijan, could not be missing from this list. It was founded in 1949 by the Soviet Union as a platform oil, but today it is a functional city, with more than 300 kilometers of streets and a population of about 2,000 people.

Setenil de las Bodegas, Spain

Setenil de las Bodegas
In Spain there are also rare places. One of them is Setenil de las Bodegas, one of the White Villages of Cádiz, in which many of the houses are located under the rocks, on them or inside them.

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