Comoros islands

This is a curious country made up of small islands located in southeast Africa. If you want to lose yourself and forget about everything around you for a few days, this is your ideal destination. Far removed from the clutter of many conventional paradises with huge hotels and spectacular discotheques, the islands Comoros They are such a lost place that even a fugitive could hide there.

Rich in culture Swahili And Muslim, the enchanting inhabitants of the Comoros islands come from a legendary population of Arab merchants, Persian sultans, African slaves, and Portuguese pirates. The islands They offer everything from lounging on white sand beaches with turquoise waters to hiking trails through the rainforests in search of giant bats.

Great comoros, the largest of the islands, has the largest active volcano in the world, Mount Karthala, which in 2005 wiped out some villages in the area. The aftermath, although a spectacular desert mountain landscape has been created, has helped promote hiking and trekking.

Mayotte It is the island that partially belongs to FranceBut she has not been excluded from suffering the political madness that exists in the area. They have suffered almost 20 coups d'état since their independence in 1975. On the islands everything moves “mora mora” (slowly slowly) and the tourist facilities leave much to be desired, but the tourist who goes to these islands knows where he is going: simply wants to get lost. If you decide to go to the islands do not stop making a good safari exotic that you will surely love.

The Comoros - East Africa's Island Paradise (June 2021)

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