Tips for traveling with children

Traveling with family It is a good alternative to spend a very pleasant vacation. Travel with children, however, can be very stressful and that is why you have to keep in mind a series of recommendations so that the stay does not get out of hand.

For starters, trips can be long and monotonous for the little ones. So that they do not get tired especially when traveling by car, the following must be taken into account tips:

- Have the prepared car to start the journey before the day of departure arrives. Children do not like having to wait while the car is checked in the garage or while we finalize the departure details.

Study the way before leaving it is essential. A highway trip will always be much more enjoyable than a trip on two-way, winding roads. Children can get dizzy in the second case, making the journey endless for them and for us.

- Always carry food and water for the trip. Although there are gas stations where we can stop to rest and eat, sometimes traffic delays can prevent this from happening for a long time. Sandwiches and bottles of water and juice are the best allies.

- Carry CDs that children like. The music It will make them forget the journey and they will relax singing or contemplating the landscape. Although for parents it is not the best thing in the world to listen to a Sesame Street CD, the truth is that in the long term we will appreciate it.

- Carry small games like parcheesi or goose so they can play around. Also opt for portable type consoles Nintendo DS or Sony PSP. In addition, for breaks, it is worth taking a soccer ball to play with them and thus stretch your legs.

- If the children have grown tired of playing these typical board games, what you have to do is try to be ourselves the animators of the «party». Continuously talking with them, proposing riddles, telling jokes ... countless things can be done to make children happy and forget about the journey.

- We must never forget the baby kit. Baby bottle, food, wipes ... everything essential for babies cannot be left in the trunk.

5 Tips for Flying with Children | Traveling Hacks & Tips for Kids (August 2020)

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