Parks in Philadelphia

Philadelphia It was founded with the idea that it had to be a city with large open spaces so that its inhabitants could enjoy their city. This included creating large parks. Today we are going to talk about the most important parks in the city.

The first park is the Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse is surrounded by elegant cafes, boutiques and hotels. On weekends it is filled with quiet strollers with baby carriages and tourists who pose in every corner to get a good photo.

Franklin Square, is located between the 6th and 7th (very American terms) and is the ideal refuge for children. It even has a mini golf course, merry-go-rounds, and several playgrounds. Logan Square, between 18 and 20 thanks to its proximity to the library and the art museum make it the ideal place to have a small lunch lying on its green lawn.

Fairmount Park he is the "father" of all parks. Formed by a total of 9200 hectares, includes 63 small neighborhood parks. Its main area is in the northwest part of the city. The beginning is on Kelly Drive, near the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It is a cyclist's paradise, since it also has a circuit of about 30 miles inside where you can get in shape pedaling. It also has a horticulture center, with a greenhouse and a beautiful Japanese garden. As you head towards the area of Germantown, the park becomes a dense forest, ideal for climbers and bird watchers.

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