Tricks to get cheap flights

Who likes to pay little for a flight? To all the world! For this reason it is good to consider a series of tricks that can help you get the best prices to travel around the planet.

In this article I am going to give you some recommendations in this regard, so I recommend you take note to save a good handful of euros that you can spend on accommodation, a rental car or whatever you want. Shall we start?

Book in advance

Last minute bargains exist, they are not an urban legend. Nevertheless, it is much better to go early and book a flight well in advance. Prices tend to be lower and rise as seats are reserved. If you already know what your destination is and your return dates are closed, don't wait any longer and get the tickets.

Consider traveling out of season

The cheap flights they do not usually abound in high season. You can not pretend to travel to Valencia for little money in full Fallas, in the same way that you will not have anything easy to find a cheap ticket to Pamplona days before San Fermín begins. If the dates do not condition you, try to choose the ones that escape from days when the influx of tourists skyrockets, since the law of supply and demand increases the price of airline tickets.


Do not be demanding when choosing the airline

Obviously, traveling with a air Line low cost like Ryanair than doing it with one of the most advanced ones like Emirates. If you want the flight to be cheap, go for one of the airlines that are able to offer lower prices. It is true that you will travel with fewer amenities, but you can save a lot of money.

How about a flight with stopovers?

Nobody likes to wait at an airport, but the truth is that flights with stopovers are what allow you to travel for less money. A direct one, depending on your destination, can cost you much more than one that forces you to stop. Sometimes that stop is very beneficial, since you can not only stretch your legs, but you have the possibility of discovering a city that is not the destination if the scale is long enough.

There are schedules and schedules

Airlines also play around with timetables when it comes to pricing their flights. It is not the same to leave early on a Saturday and return on a Sunday at 7 in the afternoon as to leave on a Saturday at 12 noon and return on a Sunday at 11 at night. That is something that must be seriously valued, since arriving too late it has its drawbacks. The most important? Perhaps there is no public transport and you are forced to take a taxi, which would spoil your savings.



Keep in mind that luggage is another factor that can change the price of a flight. Checking in a suitcase has a cost that you can save if you only travel with hand luggage, which is the only one that is usually contemplated on short flights or low cost companies. If you want to check in a suitcase that is not included in the ticket price, think that you will have to invest between 50 and 70 euros if you do it at the airport (reserving them online makes it cheaper).

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