Hotels with organic gardens

There are already Hotels with organic gardens. Created by the hotel chain Fuerte Hotels, are located in four of its establishments distributed by Andalusia and they have the peculiarity of inviting their occupants to maintain and recover a respectful agriculture with the planet.

The hotels Fuerte Conil, Fuerte Costa Luz, Fuerte El Rompido and Fuerte Grazalema they are the ones who enjoy this privilege. There visits are made in which clients are explained how to plant and care for the gardens with the greatest possible care.

Children can also participate and thus learn to be respectful of the environment from a very young age. The ground is prepared first tilled earth, then it compost pertinently and to finish it sow seasonal species that can then be picked up by customers in the form of vegetables.

In addition to this peculiar and laudable measure, these hotels also strive to save energy, in addition to using ecological paper and recyclable packaging. Everything to preserve the environment.

Farm-to-hotel: 10 resorts that grow their own food (January 2021)

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