Tibet's luxury train delayed

The project of the luxury train for Tibet It has been postponed for the second time in a year, according to the company in charge last Monday, due to the global slowdown. Although they have not commented, it is also rumored that another problem is the socio-political tension in the Himalayas.

Tangula Luxury TrainsI hoped to launch the luxury excursions from Beijing to Lhasa in April this year, but finally the project will be delayed until the spring of 2010. As stated by the company spokesperson:

The rescheduling of our official launch has been a very recent decision and has been made by the global economic climate.

The reprogramming of the project has led the company to lose a few millions of dollars, due to the large number of reservations they already had contracted. The company sent a letter (via email) to all those who had made the reservations, apologizing and explaining the reasons for the delay.

The price of first class travel from Beijing to Lhasa is approximately $ 5,000 (the most expensive reserve). The company has already invested around $ 100 million in its luxury trains.Tangula He had already announced plans to start these luxury train transfers to Lhasa after the Beijing Olympics in August last year, but after the riots that erupted in Tibet in March 2008, the plans were postponed until April this year.

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