Jordan Tourism

Jordan It is one of the most interesting countries in middle East and its capital, Amman, It is a city that in addition to being very beautiful, stands out for its cleanliness. It is a country that has incredible landscapes, the people are very friendly and are always illuminated by a radiant sun.

AmmanIt is a very pleasant place to spend a few days and, of course, where you can spend money visiting its stores. The city center has an ancient Roman theater, an ancient citadel, an archaeological museum (which includes some of the Scrolls of the Dead Sea, among other interesting objects), and a large number of souvenir shops and street vendors.

To visit the country in depth it is best to hire a visit guided so that you can get to know it in depth, although if you are an adventurer you will not need to hire anything. The best thing about guided tours is that they will teach you the mixture of contrasts in different populations, the evolution of peoples, social changes, old and new bridges, etc.

Other important places that you should not miss in Jordan They are: Petra, Jerash, Aqaba, Um Qais, Mount Nebo, the Dead Sea, the Jordan River and Wadi Rum. In Jordan there is a lot of diversity of tourists since the country offers different types of tourism; cultural, historical tourism, ecological tourism, religious, tourism focused on the desert (the majestic mountains of Wadi Rum) and tourism to swim and dive in the virgin waters of Aqaba.

Welcome to Jordan! (October 2021)

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