Places in the world where to practice yoga

Most people who practice yoga, they agree that yoga is a long learning process that little by little it becomes stronger and firmer in our lives. Every season there are new retreats for this practice. Now are trendy Many luxury resorts with a lot of quality in the services they offer.

Shannon McClatchey, Marketing Director and keen yoga enthusiast, works at MayaTulum (Riviera Maya, Mexico). The place highlights the mayan clay massages that no one should miss. You may to walk without shoes everywhere including the dining room. The food is fantastic. You can request the menu you want, although the type menus abound vegetarians.

The Tides Zihuatanejo (Mexico) guarantees the perfect withdrawal. They highlight the massages in the rooms-cabins. The therapist comes to the room, places the bed for the massage, and places heaps of aromatherapy candles. Here, the community experiences. Are some 20 participants They dine together, attend yoga classes together, and on the beach last night take part in the special farewell party with bonfires and live music.

Other places around the world where to practice yoga in the best possible way are:

The Body Holiday, Sta. Lucia (Caribbean)
Big Sky Yoga Retreats, Montana (USES)
Shreyas Retreat, Bangalore (India)
Chiva Som Hua Hin (Thailand)
SwaSwara, Kerala (India)
Wildflower Hall, Shimla (India)
Haramara, Sayulita, (Mexico)

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