National Geographic London Store

National Geographic he has finally opened a store. It's about the National Geographic London Store, located in the capital of England, specifically on the street Regent St. It was opened to the public a few months ago and its success is already being considerable.

With a capacity of just over 2,000 square meters, It is composed of 3 floors that house all kinds of items related to adventure and travel, something that they have been showing us for a long time thanks to their documentaries, photographs and magazines.

The walls of the store are papered with images typical of National Geographic, those that always leave you with your mouth open. In addition, we also find travel books edited by themselves and a host of anecdotes of the most interesting.

In the same store you can book a triprelax in the coffee shop or carry out activities related to adventurers of the past. Luckily, the company wants to open a total of 300 or 400 stores like this all over the world. The second is already in Singapore. If you don't want to wait for the first store to be created in Spain, check out the flights to London and get away as soon as possible. Worth it!

NationalGeographic London Store, UK (January 2021)

  • London
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