Little-known museums in Paris

In the French capital, there is not only the impressive Louvre Museum, which houses more than 30.000 paintings and that makes you forget other small museums that you should not miss in this beautiful city. Smaller in size and very curious things, there are about 200 museums "Sprinkled" by everything Paris that show us jewels ranging from Picasso to Edith Piaf, passing through the curious sewer system of the city.

One of the most curious museums is the one known as the Jacquemart-André. Founded by the wealthy Edouard André and his wife, the painter Nélie Jacquemart, the museum exhibits the objects accumulated through his trips to Italy. At the end of XIX century, they got to have the best collection of Italian art in France, including works by Donatello, Bottecelli, Tieopolo and Perugino.

The Museum of Égouts de Paris, or the Paris Sewer MuseumIt will take you through the bowels of the city. You don't have to be a sewer expert to be fascinated by this network of sewers especially cared for visits.

The Musée du fumeur. Located in the district 11, this tiny museum has old instruments that include antiques from the century XVIIIlike carved wooden smoking pipes, illustrations and posters on smoking ban and the history of tobacco in a gallery of curious images of famous smokers.

"Le vie en rose", is the museum of the famous singer Edith Piaf. It is made up two rooms with many of the singer's possessions, including clothing, jewelry, photos, etc. Has become the hardest museum to find since it is located in the fourth floor of an apartment without elevator in a building of the belleville neighborhood. Admission is free, but visitors must call to obtain a security code.

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