New Carteya

New Carteya It is a villa located at southeast of the province of Cordova. Right in the center of Andalusia and in the first foothills of the Subbetics Saws, this white image villa surrounded by seven hills, hides a small town that stands out for the quality of its olive oil, main pride of its people.

The Triangular shape from its urban core, it hides steep and steep streets, wide avenues conquered by orange trees, ancestral homes with frescoed courtyards and architectural and sculptural jewels that are waiting to be discovered. It has a heritage that testifies to the settlement of cultures such as the Iberian, the Roman or the Visigoth. Proof of this are the Plaza de Armas, El Higuerón, Vistillas or the numerous archaeological sites and remains that are distributed throughout the term, considering one of the areas with the largest number of archaeological sites in all of Andalusia.

The Marques de Estella Square It is located at the foot of the municipal church and highlights a beautiful market of the year 1927 from Moorish style. It constitutes the center of interaction of the life of the Carthaginian, being the scene of numerous festivals and festivals. City Hall it was remodeled between the years 1980 and 1982 after suffering a fire. Its facade stands out for its traditional design.

The Diego Carro ride It was constructed in 1934 and it is the "commercial" area par excellence. Encouraged by numerous cafes and terraces, an open space embellished by huge palm trees and one central source that invites tranquility. Along the promenade are some of the oldest facades and houses in the municipality.

Tráiler de Boda en Córdoba.Nueva Carteya (June 2023)

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