Luxury igloo hotel

Rated above a hotel of 5 stars we found in at the swiss resort of Davos, an Igloo Hotel that offers the opportunity to relax and enjoy life as an Eskimo does.

Located in the middle of a unique place, surrounded by ski slopes of up to 2,600 meters (8,500 feet), where temperatures are sometimes less 20 degrees, here you can live a unique experience. The network of 15 igloos connected by tunnels, it is more like a cross between Neolithic caves and an eco-complex of houses perched in the Alps. They also offer some amenities that are not so common in nature, such as sauna and Jacuzzi.

We have built the complex in five weeks using giant inflatable balloons which were then covered with snow

Explained Alexander Lau, one of the designers of the Davos igloos.

The way to build them is by covering those huge balloons with the snowplows and the cold does the rest. Once it has been verified that the construction is fully consolidated, the balloons deflate, and the distribution of the interior of the great room begins: rooms, bathrooms, bar, restaurant and even a conference room. The Igloo Hotel was born from a bet. Adrian Guenter, a Swiss snowboard fan, bet that he would be able to build an igloo in one of the mountains, that it would last a long time and that he could distribute the igloo as if it were a house. It is clear that he won the bet and liked it so much that in two years it had become a big business.

It currently has four hotels in Switzerland, one in Germany and the last to join the list in the Principality of Andorra in the Pyrenees.

IGLOO HOUSE TOUR! (April 2024)

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