Active tourism in Alentejo

Area located in the center-south of Portugal formed in total by 58 municipalities.
The beaches of the alenteja coast have two very different styles. To the north of Cape Sines, we find 47 kilometers of sand without interruption. To the south, we can enjoy the small places demarcated by steep rocks and the maritime areas from where you can carry out different activities such as observations of small crustaceans, diving and fishing.

On foot, bicycle, horseback, 4X4, canoe, englobo, surf, bodyboard, etc. there is always a different program for each day. The tourism offices Scattered throughout the territory they offer us hiking proposals in their regions, and tours in general through which they will tell us the history of each area.

On the other hand, the deactivation of old railway lines has caused several kilometers of eco-tracks, for walking tours and bike rides. The Equestrian tourism It has experienced a great growth, which is justified by the quality of the routes and the level of preparation of the proposed activities, and the same happens with the creative circuits of adventure in all terrain.

The canoeing It has many followers in the main rivers, and for those who want to feel like birds, the Delta wing and the paragliding They will provide you with beautiful panoramic views of both the coast and the interior. For the more adventurous, skydiving is also carried out. And for the calmest they can make a nice balloon trip.

The setting is adapted to the taste of those who know or are looking for.

Cycling in Portugal's Alentejo Region | UTracks Active Travel (January 2021)

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