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If you are addicted to chocolate this is your paradise. Belgium It is famous for two great vices: beer and chocolate.

The country now produces 172,000 tons of chocolate per year And although the technique has been copied across Europe, Belgian chocolate is unique. There are approximately a total of 2,000 specialty chocolate shops throughout this small country.

History lesson

It is no wonder that the Chocolate Museum (Musée du Cacao et du Chocolat) is one of the most popular stops for tourists to take a tour of the city. Located in the crowd of the Grand-Place, the museum shows the origins of chocolate, the arrival of cocoa in Europe and the legends that surround this wonderful product called the "Food of the gods".

Let's go to chocolate shops

You can not stop taking a tour of the stores that for family generations have worked with this delicious product.
The shops located around the main tourist areas, such as the Grand-Place and the Place de Grand Sablón are the most expensive.

- Neuhaus:
Grand-Place 27
Paradise for the chocolate-addict.
- Pierre Marcolini:
Place du Grand Sablón 39
Considered by many to be the best chocolatier in the world.
- Godiva:
Place du Grand Sablón 47
Jealously guarded and seasonal recipes.
- Leonidas:
Bd. Anspach 46
The most popular and cheapest.

Take a guided tour

If after all this you are still not tired of so much chocolate, you can take a guided tour. Some chocolatiers offer tours in its factories where you can see how chocolate works: placement in molds and decoration by chocolate artists. Two of the most tempting tours are those made by Le Chocolatier Manon and Chocolaterie Duval.

Quick Bite: Sweet Belgium (January 2022)

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