If you're going to eat in China ...

The Chinese culture highly values ​​family life, respect for the elderly and respect for traditions. For them, any pretext is good to organize a food in which the whole family gathers.

The first difficulty that you will find when tasting a good Chinese menu is the use of chopsticks. The best thing is that we look for a good teacher and that we practice a lot.

Notice that a considerate gesture of bad Education It is playing with the chopsticks on the table or making noises with them, that is, when we are not eating we must leave them on the table. Prepare for the differences you will find in the way of eating, the arrangement and order of the dishes, the posture at the table, etc.

In China they consider "inappropriate" eat with the head up. It is not well seen to use your hands to eat, instead it is totally normal to sip and spit the bones on the tablecloth.

Traditionally the food does not end in the restaurant, our Chinese host will continue to order dishes while he sees that we continue eating, we must avoid giving the feeling that the amount of food that has been put on the table is scarce.

Typically more formal meals start with cold dishes (always an even number), then the fried ones, then the fish and finally the soup.

While waiting for the food, it is normal that they serve us dried fruit and hot tea. If there are sweet dishes, it does not have to be served at the end of the meal. The food can be accompanied by hot tea or any other cold drink that we feel like.

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