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Located in the center of Holland, it was between the centuries XI to the XVI the most important city in the country. In her was born only dutch potato and in it the Dutch republic in 1579. Its channels have nothing to envy those of other cities in the Netherlands. Neither their shops, their restaurants or their gardens. It also has the most amazing and varied repertoire of museums you can imagine.

Utrecht It has its own emblematic monuments, such as the Dom Tower, pride of the city, visible almost from anywhere you are in the city. The inhabitants proclaimed for years that the tower of their cathedral was the tallest in the country. Their 112, 32 meters they were the roof of a country without mountains.

Cathedral began to be built in the century XIII after a fire destroyed the previous Romanesque temple. The works of the central ship finished in 1517 but due to the lack of budget they eliminated all the buttresses and in 1674 collapsed during a hurricane. The space occupied by the central nave of the temple is the one that today occupies the Dom Square, on whose paving slabs of different colors indicate the place where the columns of the church were supported.

As a curiosity, tell you that a secret corner that you should not miss is the Betje Boerhave´s Shop. Ask for the hoogt street, a hidden cul-de-sac near the post office, where a tiny girl awaits candy shop founded in 1873. They sell candies in bulk, tea, lentils by weight, chocolate, infusions or sweets from brands that are not easily found on the market.

It will leave you a sweet taste of a surprising visit to Utrecht.

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