Cow Parade in Madrid

The Cow Parade lands this year in Madrid. For those who do not know it, tell them that it is a contest that is held every year and that counts as the cows as protagonists. Of course, they are not meat and bone cows, they are spectacular designs created with fiberglass.

The inhabitants of the capital will be able to enjoy the event that will take place between March 16 and 21 in the Salamanca, Retiro and Centro districts. There will be many personalities and designers of recognized prestige, as well Víctor Ochoa, Alfonso Berridi, Sean Mackaoui, Antonio Alvarado, Ágata Ruiz de la Prada, Fernando Alonso and Marta Sánchez.

After the exposition of more than a hundred cowsThese will be put up for auction. The funds raised will go entirely to various charities.

It should be remembered that the Cow Parade has taken place in cities as important as Paris, Buenos Aires, Athens, Sao Paulo, Las Vegas, Johannesburg, Tokyo, London and Moscow.

Cow Parade en Madrid (Anaglifo) *** Versión HD Recomendada *** (January 2021)

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