Bombinhas, capital of Brazilian diving

Among the most important beaches in Brazil it stands out Bombinhas, which is considered the capital of Brazilian diving and Balneário Camboriú, one of the most popular beaches. A heavenly place on the Santa Catarina coastline forming the Emerald coast, popular for its tranquility, climate and lushly beautiful vegetation.

Bombinhas, in addition to good beaches, promises tourists various options of sport and leisure for all tastes and ages. It is also important to highlight a rich gastronomy and good night of party Brazilian. To make matters worse, due to his fame of "Ecological Diving Capital”, The development of commercial activity in the area was promoted, offering courses and material for diving experts.

Diving - 4 Ilhas, Bombinhas/SC (Brazil) | GoPro HERO3 (October 2020)

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