Bhutan: the land of the lightning dragon

Perched on top of the imposing himalaya mountain range, the Kingdom of Bhutan it refuses to globalize preferring to keep its paradise hidden.

It is a land where it is illegal to buy cigarettes, rice is red and chili peppers are not just a condiment, but the whole dish. It is also a land deeply buddhistwhere men should wear their robes to work and where the gross national happiness it is considered more important than the Gross National Product.

He too tourism in Bhutan it is unique. Is he Royal Government of Bhutan Who sets minimum sales prices for organized trips to the country that must be paid in US dollars before arriving:

$ 200 USD per person and day in high season (March, April, May, June, September, October, November, December)
$ 165 USD per person and day in low season (July and August)

The price includes: accommodation, all internal taxes and charges, travel with licensed Bhutanese tour guide, internal transportation included and camping equipment and road transport for hiking trails. What we won't find will be style independent travel backpacker.

It is the last bastion of Vajrayana Buddhism, which is the spiritual practice known as one of the deepest teaching schools in the Buddhist world.
The sacred monasteries hanging from their steepest precipices, the monks with their red robes intoning their songs day and night endow this little kingdom with an air of bygone days.

If you decide to visit Bhutan you will be one of the few world travelers who will experience the charm and magic of one of the most enigmatic small countries that exist.

Bhutan | The land of Thunder Dragon (April 2024)

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