Manned Cloud, a zeppelin turned into a luxury hotel

manned cloud
Today we want to talk about a project that could be available to the tourism in a very short time. Its about Manned Cloud, a Zeppelin shaped like a whale that has become a luxury hotel, available to very few people. Despite the fact that the zeppelin trips were canceled for life after the accident of Hindenburg airship in 1937 (since then they were only used to transport cargo and for advertising), now they could become fashionable again if the French designer Jean-Marie Massaud and the French space agency Onera they manage to carry out their project successfully and reliably.

Manned Cloud is prepared to accommodate 40 passengers and 15 crew. In addition, according to its designer, it will have all kinds of unimaginable luxuries:

It will allow you to experience exotic and spectacular places without being intrusive or exploitative.

It will have a solarium at the top of the ship. In addition, there will also be a Gym and many more luxuries, aimed at a select audience that can pay the high cost of each ticket.

manned cloud 2

Solid foundations to make it happen

It is evident that this project is much more reliable than those zeppelins that flew over the skies at the beginning of the XIX century, those who looked very much like the first zeppelin created by the count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. Compared to the Zeppelin NT of that time, there are many changes experienced. It has been possible to go from a flight autonomy of 24 hours and 900 kilometers to one other than 5,000 kilometers without stopover. In addition, it will achieve the 170 km / h although the cruising speed will be 130 km / h. Previously, the maximum that could be achieved was 70 km / h.

By the way, this giant will have measurements 210 meters long, 80 wide and nothing more and nothing less than 50 meters high. Almost nothing.

Will you dare

The Goodyear Blimp will be available as unique Airbnb later this month (June 2022)

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