New Denizen Hotels

The well-known hotel chain Hilton Hotels Corp., property of Blackstone Group LP, has announced these days his new project, the creation of a new hotel chain called: Denizen Hotels. This new hotel chain aims to have guests from all over the world with a high economic level.

The long-awaited announcement comes at a time when many luxury hotels and resorts are mired in a serious crisis due to the reduction by many companies of too frivolous expenses. Hilton, has highlighted its new brand features such as design, the exceptional service and most importantly right now, your so affordable price. The first hotel denizen plans to open its doors in the year 2012 and its website ( is already working, although you won't find any details about the hotels yet.

The famous hotel chain is already trying to acquire land for the construction of hotels in areas as glamorous as: Abu Dhabi, Austin, Hollywood (California), Beverly Hills (California), Buenos Aires, Cancun, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Las Vegas, London, Los Cabos, Miami, Montreal, Mumbai, New York City, Panama City and Washington DC.

The President and CEO of Hilton Hotels, Christopher Nassetta, has declared:

Although we are in a challenging macroeconomic moment, the creation of our new hotels demonstrates our commitment to continue investing in our long-term growth

This is a very busy year for Hilton Hotels. The company is in the middle of transfer from its headquarters from California to Northern Virginia. In January they already launched a new brand, Residence2 Suites by Hilton, thought for the youngest, focusing on a very modern design and decoration.

Seehaus Winkler - Hotel in Weißensee, Austria (February 2023)

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