Luxury tourism

The luxury tourismContrary to what many of you may think, it is increasingly fashionable. The people who knead great fortunes or who enjoys a good standard of living, take the opportunity to discover the world with all the luxuries in the world. Further, more modest class travelers They are also increasingly willing to spend some of their savings on these types of trips.

Neyzen, ADMeetings or L4 They are agencies specialized in organizing luxury trips that you will remember a lifetime. Safaris, Antarctica, the North Pole, Australia, New Zealand or pristine places that we didn't even know you can discover them with a checkbook. In addition, you will normally be housed in places where you can enjoy the best beauty and health treatments in spas, as well as a wide range of sports (golf, ski ...).

If you are thinking of making a quality leap in your holidays, you know ... save and let yourself be seduced by some of these exotic tourist destinations. That's not to mention trips to space

Global Trends In Luxury Hospitality | Jerry Inzerillo | TEDxWilmingtonSalon (June 2022)

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