The temple of the beers is in Thailand

Thailand has one of the buddhist temples most curious in the world. It is in the province of Sisaket, about 600 kilometers northwest of Bangkok, and has been built based on a million bottles of beer. Almost nothing.

The temple in question is called Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew. Its walls, crematoriums, ceiling and sinks have been built in this peculiar way. It is said that the people from the bars near the temple collaborated with this cause, bringing hundreds and hundreds of bottles of beer to the place. All a detail to build a temple very respectful with the environment.

In addition to everything we have told you that it is made with beer bottles, we must also mention one water tower and ones bathrooms for tourists made with green bottles of Heineken and brown bottles of Chang, a well-known beer brand there in Asia.

Certainly a forced stop if you visit this beautiful Southeast Asian country.

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