Themed routes in Tarragona

Although the Costa Dorada has many places that are worth knowing, in terms of historical heritage, the city of Tarragona takes the palm. And it is that, on the shores of the Mediterranean, the old Tarraco offers an important monumental legacy among extensive beaches. Of course, its archaeological site stands out, which was declared a World Heritage Site, although the capital hides other interesting places.

In order for us to discover the city more fully, Tarragona has put at our disposal four interesting themed routes that, how could it be otherwise, are based on the history of the place. Would you like to discover what these routes consist of? Well, all you have to do is join us!

Roman route

We are going to start talking about the Roman Route, which aims to publicize the history of Tarragona through the main monuments that are preserved from that time, which was the moment of maximum splendor in the city. In November 2000, the Roman archaeological site of Tarraco was declared a World Heritage Site by the Unesco.

Unfortunately, time and, above all, the evolution of Tarragona, have caused the disappearance of many of the monuments that reflected the importance from Tarraco. That yes, in the last years works for his revaluation to show them to the public. The route includes a visit to 14 places, some of which are outside the city, but within the province.

Medieval Route

It is important to bear in mind that Tarragona also preserves important monuments from its medieval past. Thus, to the importance of the remains of the Roman era, we must add the medieval artistic heritage, highlighting the Cathedral, which constitutes a very remarkable set.

One of the spaces in Tarragona that best preserves the medieval atmosphere is Pla de la Seu, a place presided over by the Cathedral. Here are a series of Gothic houses, highlighting the old vicarage and the Casa Balcells. As for the Cathedral, it is in the highest part of the hill, and houses the richest collection of medieval art in the province. The route includes a visit to 13 places.

Modernist Route

They also propose the Modernist Route, which aims to bring us closer to a part of the modernist legacy spread throughout the city. As they explain, it requires the complicity of the visitor to reveal all its beauty. It is important to note that thanks to the itinerary you will be able to discover the lines, the preferences and the society that embraced this aesthetic.

On the other hand, you should know that the modernism that was born in this city was moderate, stately and refined. In fact, he manifested a rather mild eclecticism. In Tarragona we can find works by three great modernist artists: Josep Maria Jujol i Gibert, Antoni Gaudí i Cornet and Lluís Domènech i Montaner. The route includes a visit to 23 modernist corners of the city.

Route of the First Christians of Tarraco

Finally, we must speak of the Route of the First Christians in Tarraco, which aims to show the early Christian documentary, artistic and archaeological heritage that Tarragona has bequeathed, which is the most notable of the entire Iberian Peninsula. Through this itinerary, you can follow the footprints of the master martyrs.

It is important to note that if you buy the Tarraco First Christians Route card (1 euro), you will be able to enjoy important discounts. In fact, the standard price of the visit to the 8 monuments included in the route amounts to 23.10 euros, while with the card you can enter all of them for only 15.40 euros.

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