The Palau Islands

The Palau Islands are a group of islands located in the Pacific Ocean. Belong to Oceania and they have 22,000 inhabitants. They are about 500 kilometers east of the Philippines and became independent from U.S in 1994.

The islands with the highest weight are Babeldaob, Peleliu, Koror and Angaur. Almost a third of the population is concentrated in Koror. The Roca Islands (about 60 islands) are uninhabited and located to the west of the global set of islands.

The weather It is logically tropical during most of the year with an average annual temperature that is usually around 28ºC. There is a humidity of 82% and the rains are common throughout the year, especially between July and October. It is almost impossible for a typhoon to occur.

The nation lives as it could not be otherwise thanks to the tourism Yet the fishing. Agriculture is limited to being subsistence for the inhabitants.

Palau is an island paradise standing up to the world (April 2021)

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