Monterrey, a city on the move

Panoramic view of Monterrey

Monterrey It is a Mexican city located in the northeast of the country. Capital the State of Nuevo León, has 1,140,547 inhabitants who boast of living in one of the most avant-garde cities in Latin America. The city is known as The Sultana del Norte or The capital of the north. In addition, it is considered the industrial capital of the country.


The weather it is very extreme. Summers are very hot and winters are moderately cold. On average, some rainfall annual of 500 mm., mainly fallen in the months that go from May to September. The average temperature is usually around 22 degrees. The most alarming fact is that there was a year when it reached 50 degrees in the shade. In winter, they have been recorded down to -15 degrees. However, snowfall is not frequent.

Fundidora Park

The city is an important both industrial and financial center. Important multinational companies have subsidiaries there. The tourism It is booming, many are the resources that have been mobilized to advance this sector.

Museum of Mexican History

Monterrey is a cosmopolitan city since it has important museums where it is always intended to give a space for expression and dissemination of their works to local, national and international artists, without differentiating established artists from new generations. The most notable museums are the Museum of Contemporary Art (MARCO), Museum of Mexican History, Museum of the Government Palace, Museum of the Northeast, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Glass, Regional Museum of Monterrey, among others.

Contemporary Art Museum

The music It also occupies an important corner in the heart of this city. In fact, in recent years there are those who have dared to call him "The Seattle of Mexico". Groups like Zurdok or "IRA" are gaining recognition from many.

Bridge of Unity

The gastronomy It has an important Jewish or traditional Sephardic influence. The pounded with egg It is one of the typical specialties. It is a dish prepared with dried beef, hot sauce and eggs. Also, you can't miss dishes like kid or the capirotada dessert.

Crushed with egg

Regarding the public transport, the city has 2 metro lines (Metrorrey), buses and taxis. Notably prices are the most expensive in all of Mexico.

Ride Santa Lucia

Places of interest you cannot miss

- Bishopric Museum
- Alpha planetarium
- Fundidora Park
- Glass Museum
- Northeast Museum
- The Macroplaza
- Santa Catarina River Linear Park
- Contemporary Art Museum
- Museum of Mexican History
- Ride Santa Lucia

First Impressions of Monterrey — Mexico's Most Modern City? (November 2022)

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