Toronto, a city to stay

Toronto It is the most populous city in Canada. Capital of the province of Ontario, is the financial center of the country and has a population of 2,503,281 inhabitants. In addition, it is the fifth largest city in North America and the largest metropolitan area in Canada. Its main attraction is the famous CN Tower what with 553 meters high, makes it one of the 10 cities with the most skyscrapers in the world.

Toronto and the CN Tower

The weather it is soft thanks to its southern location within the country and its location near the lake ontario. We could say that it is a humid continental climate, with temperate and humid summers and normally cold winters.
Toronto has a fairly low range of daytime temperatures due to urbanization and the proximity of the water.
The winters they can be extremely hard when it comes to 10ºC below zero. Snow storms are not an everyday thing but you have to take them into account. And the snow can fall at any time between the months of November and April.
The summer It is characterized by long periods of humid weather. Temperatures can exceed 35ºC.
As for rainfall, they are distributed stably throughout the year.

If we delve into the city, we will quickly see why Toronto is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in Canada. More than 150 ethnic groups coexist who speak more than 100 languages. The most numerous are the English, Scottish and Irish ancestors. Other important ethnic groups come from Germany, India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka.

St. Michael’s Cathedral

As to religions, the Christianity he takes the palm with a 31% of faithful torontorianos. It is followed by 21.1% of Protestants, 4.8% of Orthodox Christians and 3.9 of other Christian faiths. Islamists gather 6.7%, Hindus 4, 8%, Jews 4.2% and Buddhists 2.7%, among other religions.

Niagara Falls

The economy Toronto is one of the strongest in North America. It is the main commercial, industrial and financial center of Canada and one of the most important in the continent. The great economic growth of the city has been carried out thanks to the discovery of large deposits of natural resources throughout the province of Ontario and the growing presence of the automobile industry throughout the south of the province.

Toronto urban beach

If we are interested in knowing where to go to to buy, it is good to take into account the many underground shopping arcades They are usually open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They are generally clothing stores although we can also find specialized stores for toys and other types of items.

CN tower night view

Regarding the tourismToronto is the most visited city in the country. Every year it receives just over 4 million tourists. The CN Tower previously commented and the longest street in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records (Yonge Street with 1,896 kilometers), make it very attractive. In addition, a good gastronomy founded by the Salmon and the deer, they flavor this city open to all kinds of people.

St. James Cathedral

Places of interest you cannot miss

- CN Tower
- Harbourfront
- Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art
- SkyDome (sports center)
- Le Petit Glenn
- Air Canada Center (sports center where the Toronto Raptors play)
- Royal Ontario Museum
- Toronto Zoo
- Nuit Blanche
- Caribana
- University of Toronto
- Art Gallery of Ontario
- Toronto Eaton Center (shopping center)
- Casa Loma Castle
- Princess of Wales Theater and Royal Alexandra Theater
- St. Michael’s Cathedral
- St. James Cathedral

Air Canada Center

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