Rome, the eternal city

Rome It is the capital of Italy. Located in the center of the Italic peninsula, more specifically in the region of straight, boasts of being one of the most visited cities in all Europe. Capital of the old Roman empire, it has a history that treasures great works of art and stands as one of the main cultural centers of the old continent.

Roman Coliseum

With an estimated population of 2,600,000 inhabitants, it owes its name to Romulus although more recent studies comment that the name of the city is due to the meaning of "river", so Rome would mean in that case "The town on the river".

San Marco square

In keeping with the legend, the city was founded by the twins Romulus and Remus in 753 BC. The success of the city depended on its military conquests, the great control over trade in the Mediterranean and of the knowledge of the neighboring cultures (like the struscos and the Greeks). The population came to exceed by that time the million inhabitants.

Roman Forum

The weather in Rome is the typical Mediterranean that is breathed in all the coast of Italy. From April to June and from mid-September to October it enjoys a very pleasant temperature. In contrast, the average temperature in August is usually 32ºC.

Piazza del Popolo

It should be noted that the historic center of Rome was declared World Heritage by Unesco in 1980. And it is that this city has treasures for the sight that are worth not stopping visiting if you travel to Rome. Here we show you a long list of emblematic places of this beautiful city:

Basilica of Saint Peter

- Rome Coliseum
- St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican
- The Vatican
- La Bocca della Veritá
- Vatican Museum
- Fontana di Trevi
- Pantheon
- Catacombs of San Calixto
- Musei capitolini
- Nelho Piazza Navona
- Imperial Forums
- Borghese Gallery
- Castel Sant Angelo National Museum
- Roman Forum
- The Piazza del Popolo
- The arches of Constantine
- Church of Santa Maria della Concezione
- Piazza Venezia
- Via del Babuino
- Spain Square
- San Marco Square

Roman pantheon

Other data of interest

- Telephone prefix:
- Surface: 1285 km2
- Major party: June 29
- Region: straight
- Province: Rome
- Population: 2.600.000

Fontana di Trevi

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