Moscow will have the largest building in the world

In Moscow they want to do things in a big way. So much so, that in 5 years you can boast of being the city with the largest building in the world. This Russian whim will cost the chilling figure of $ 4 trillion and will begin construction in early 2008. It will be called Crystal Island and of course it could become the main tourist attraction in the country. In Russia they already begin to rub their hands.

Crystal Island

The architect was in charge of designing it Norman Foster. It should be remembered that he is a lover of volcanic forms as he already demonstrated in his day with the creation of the ‘Entertainment Center Khan Shatyry’ situated in Kazakhstan. Furthermore, he is the creator of works such as Agbar Tower Barcelona and has also been hired for the renovation of the stadium Camp Nou from the same city.

Norman Foster

Crystal Island It will have 3,000 hotel rooms, 900 apartments, cinemas, parking with capacity for more than 16,000 vehicles, an international school, etc. Likewise, the building will bet on renewable energy, since it will be supplied with the help of solar panels.

It will have a height of 450 meters and a total area of 2.67 million square meters. Simply spectacular.

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