Aruba: The Unknown Caribbean Paradise

Choose one of the islands of the Caribbean to make the trip of our dreams is not always an easy task, from Hard Hobbit To Break we want to recommend the island of Aruba, an unknown paradise and an original destination to disconnect from your daily routine.

Where is Aruba located?

Let's first locate ourselves. Aruba It is one of the islands of the Lesser Antilles located in the heart of southern Caribbean, just 24 kilometers from the Venezuelan coast. The area of Aruba It is about 184 square kilometers with more or less 9 kilometers in the widest place and 30 kilometers long. Its population has about 110,000 inhabitants made up of a mixture of various races. The island is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Along with the Netherlands Antilles and the Netherlands) although Aruba it is not part of the European Union. The most used language is papiamento, which is an evolution of old Spanish and therefore you will not have many problems to communicate.

What makes it a special place?

Aruba It is characterized by having some beautiful White sand beaches calm and soft, in which you reach a state of relaxation ideal for not thinking about worries, but on the other hand the island also knows our adventurous side and therefore has beaches with large waves and wind to do all kinds of watersports.

Another aspect of Aruba What makes it so special is its climate, since it turns the island into a tropical paradise throughout the year, oscillating between the 25th and 31st from January to December. It is also geographically in a very privileged area of ​​the Caribbean, because it is not located within the area where the anger of the hurricanes acts, and therefore the suffering over possible catastrophes in your vacation place is over.

But don't think that Aruba It is just a privileged island without more, it is also characterized by its nightlife, its world-class food and cultural attractions that make it a great escape for all kinds of vacations.

Places of interest in Aruba: Apart from the kilometers of beach that we can enjoy in ArubaThere are several places of interest for the traveler that should not be missed. If we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy this paradise, what we cannot miss is its capital, Oranjestad, characterized by its pastel Dutch colonial architecture, where every morning in the port, fishermen sell fresh fish directly from their boats, and the capital also has a shopping center, which is the best area on the island for shopping .

Another recommended visit is the natural bridge of ArubaIt is called the Natural Bridge because it rises 8 meters above the sea and has a length of 30 meters, it is a coral limestone formation sculpted by centuries of incessant breaking of the waves and it is said to be one of the longest in the world.

But if what you are looking for is a little adventure in Aruba, you cannot miss the incredible search for the natural pool or "conchi" call "Cura di Tortuga», which is located in a remote part of the island surrounded by the most tortuous terrain and the most dangerous roads in Aruba, but once discovered, it is the perfect place for a moment of total relaxation. The use of 4 × 4 or horses is recommended to reach the area.

Things to consider if you travel to Aruba

- If you want to turn on your laptop or any type of electronic device you will need an adapter since the electrical network goes to 110VIf you do not take it, ask for it at the hotel that will surely be left for you.

Drinking water in Aruga is safe since the island has the second largest desalination plant in the world and therefore water can be consumed as it is perfectly drinkable.

- The official currency of the island is Aruban florinhowever the US dollars are accepted everywhere from Aruba And banks can exchange other types of foreign currencies.

Tourist guide on the island of Aruba with a list of hotels, restaurants, activities, events and general information about this popular destination.

To finish, it must be said that it is a paradise recommended for all those who are going to make your Honeymoon or do you want to get married in Aruba and you think that the Riviera Maya or Cancun It is no longer an original place. Aruba It is ready for your honeymoon or your wedding trip to become unforgettable and romantic, with white sandy beaches to relax and make your passion come out when the bright sun of Aruba fade on you.

Bon nochi and masha danki (Good evening and thank you very much).

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